About Me

My name is Steve, husband to the most amazing woman, father to two sweet loving whippets, I live in Texas and you might have guessed it…I like art. Art has always been a part of my life, it’s something I just can’t seem to get rid of. In the past I’ve walked away and wouldn’t pick up a paintbrush or Wacom for years but even then it’s always in my mind. I’ve reached a point in my life where I no longer want to push it aside or leave it as a hobby. I mean seriously, what’s the point in not pursuing your dreams? So I invite you to join me, walk with me as I catch this dream.

People always ask me if I have taken art classes, sure I took art class all through middle school and high school. I even went to the Art Institute of Dallas for a little while but I didn’t really start to develop my craft until recently. I keep working at it as much as I can, every day pretty much. I have recently said goodbye to the computer support world and am now a full time artist.  I am always moving forward with my art. When I am not on the PC painting I carry a tablet PC around with me just in case I get that spare 10 minutes to doodle. :)  Just like anything else, it’s an ever learning process. I don’t believe anyone has reached perfection …well….in anything.  There is always another level of excellence.

With such a passion for art I try my best to stay grounded, it’s too easy to chase down something and it consume your life. As much as I like art, I like my wife even more. As much as I like seeing someone’s reaction to what I’ve created, I like honoring and respecting people more.  The word tells us what does it profit a man (or woman) to win the world and to lose their soul?  There’s people to invest in on this planet, and 80-90 years goes by quick. So even though I am setting goals to accomplish great things with my art I have a desire to invest in people even more.

Tools Of The Trade

Traditional: Acrylics & Oils

Digital: Wacom combined with ArtRage 4, Paint Tool Sai, OpenCanvas, Photoshop & Corel Painter.


Clarkesworld Magazine – Cover Artist
Tobias Buckell / Science Fiction Author – 2d Artist
Clipwire Games – 2d Artist
Dream Powered Games – Concept Artist
GilliGames – 2d Artist
Mage Co. – Game Card Artist
Tommys World Entertainment – Art Director
Wulven Games – Game Card Artist

TNT’s drama series Perception. Season 2, Episode 2.
Mitigated Futures
Clarkesworld Magazine