A Wizard and a Cave Diver walk into a bar…

LOL  don’t think I could come up with a punchline for that one.  So as I am learning to sketch all over again, I’ve started to sketch with large and textured brushes in CS4 and I am really liking the results. A quick rough done in less than an hour…heck most of the time was spent trying to visualize the character. The drawing part is easy.  This is another character concept in the making for an online game. Not sure if this is the guy that belongs in the tower a couple of posts back because I was given complete freedom in creating him. The only lead I had on him was to make him look powerful, anyone with glowing eyes would look powerful in my book. I mean come on…if you saw a guy with glowing eyes in real life would you stick around? I think not!

This is yet another piece where I am limited with size and that size is pretty much a cube. How does one create something dynamic in a cube? Draw it at an angle!  Hey do you think this guy has anything living in his beard?

So where does the Cave diver fit in? I’ve been working on a design for Adventure Sports and for the most part the design is almost done, I just need to make sure I am accurate with the way the divers look so I am waiting for feedback. I am sensing technical divers are a bit…..technical when it comes to details. Anyway so I’ve been playing around with colors and came up with this one that I like:

I didn’t realize that the fatality rate on open water divers entering caves was so high. They really do have those signs that say to not go any farther you may die. I am thinking technical training is a good idea…yeah..training or death…hmm that’s a tough call.

Thanks for looking!