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This section offers exclusive works of art that can be purchased directly from me. While I do have several art distributors that push my work globally as open edition prints, the artwork here isn’t sold anywhere else.

The Adversary 18 " x 36" Art Print


The Adversary 18 " x 36" Art Print OE004

"The Adversary" is part of a series I call "Christ Within". This piece is based on scripture in Peter about being sober and vigilant because your adversary the devil is like a roaring lion walking about seeking whom he may devour. If you've ever gone through hard times and relied on your faith in God to see you through, then the meaning behind this print will hit close to home.

Fine Art Paper Print:
I have these prints professionally done with the highest quality of archival Giclee paper and inks. The thickness is 21-mil heavy weight paper at 310g. The print will have a textured watercolor feel to it which I believe is perfect for any fine art reproduction. This isn't the type of print that is sold on your popular do it from home quality that is commonly used on your more popular commercial sites. The paper and printing process used are premium and of high quality. The print has a 1" white border to help with framing and matting.

Frame & Matting:
There's an option to buy a framed version from me and just to let you know I make zero profit on any of the materials, I'm adding the fees on what it would cost me to have it framed/shipped with these options. With frame the total size will be 21 " H x 39" W, cotswald grey for the matting and acrylic glass with reflection control. I realize framing is very expensive pretty much anywhere you go so I tried to find a nice balance between a quality print and decent/basic framing.

Canvas Print (Unframed):
The canvas print is also made with high standards and materials. With a matte finish, thick black sides with archival mat board and hanging wire covering the back makes the print ready to hang anywhere.

Artwork Origins:
While I work in many different mediums this particular piece was created digitally with a pen and tablet. Don't let anyone mislead you in digital art, true digital artists create their work by hand. There is no such thing as clicking a button and the art magically appears on it's own. Those are called plugins that some people use on their photos. I start with a blank high resolution layer and use a wide range of different brushes just like I do when working in Oils, Acrylics and Watercolors. The added bonus for producing work digitally for me is it cuts out the upfront costs of imaging, shipping and enables me to keep those quality prints in a reasonable range.

I want to thank you for considering buying this print, in doing so you're cutting out the middle man and supporting the artist, a.k.a. me. 🙂

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The Adversary 18 " x 36" Art Print The Adversary 18 " x 36" Art Print The Adversary 18 " x 36" Art Print The Adversary 18 " x 36" Art Print