Battle Damage Predator

Battle Damaged Predator

OK I’ll stop with the Predator Art I promise! OK maybe I wont stop entirely but I”ll try and do something else. You know at a time like this I stop and ponder……does anyone read this stuff I”m posting?? LOL  Oh well what good is it to do art and not share it with the world right? 🙂 So the last predator painting I did I had a helmet on  him but I took it off, I didn’t want to waste the artwork and I still like the idea of a helmet with battle damage so I cropped it and worked on it a bit more. Oh to do art all day as a living…..yes….must…chase….dreams.  I don’t think we should ever lose sight of our dreams, being in IT support I tend to talk with people while I am at their computer and just ask questions about them. I try to find out what how long they’ve been there and what they wanted to do before getting into their current job, you know the “What’s your dream job?” question.  I’ve found that the majority of the people are comfortable with where they’re at, sure it may not be where they want to be but it “Pays the bills”. Now this is just my opinion so take it for what it’s worth but to me if you “settle” on something as big as your dream then you’ll “settle” in other areas of your life.

If you don’t chase your dream then who will? If you never chase it then why be upset it never comes to pass? If you get too comfortable then 10 years will fly by and you’ll still be doing the same thing. Life moves pretty fast, why not pursue the areas you have a passion for.