Concept Art

First Encounter Concept for WarCry Extermination

Another environment concept art for the game WarCry Extermination. This is what the players sees when he first encounters signs of ancient life on the alien planet Taiga. Very little …

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Alien Ruins Concept art for WarCry:Extermination

Created some new concept art for WarCry:Extermination by Dream Powered Games. This scene was originally for when the character first stumbles onto some ruins outside of a city but I …

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Project WarCry

Working on new concepts for the first person shooter game WarCry. My first weapon assignment was the sniper Scope. I did a paint over on a 3d render for the …

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Dream Powered Games

I recently teamed up with a group of talented individuals at Dream Powered Games who are making a first person shooter. I’m helping with creature, weapon and environment design. Here …

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