Mass Effect 2 Fan Art

Mass Effect Art – Remembering Noveria

The next Mass Effect related artwork I’m working on. This is the black and white version which is pretty much for composition, tones and over all look and feel. Things …

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New Artwork

Howdy, it’s been a while since I’ve updated here because I’ve been unavailable for the past several months in chemotherapy and recovering from several surgeries. All is well now and …

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Commissions – Mass Effect Artwork

I’m still doing a lot of Mass Effect related commissions. This is my latest project for a client’s original character. The 698-year-old asari Spectre Greywalker has been part of the …

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Commission-Dress Design 1 of 3

Latest commission for Nina’s original character for her Mass Effect fan fiction. This is one of three wardrobe designs I will be doing for this character.  The details of the …

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