Movie & TV inspired Art

A couple of new works…

A couple of new paintings/prints that would fit nicely in anyone’s movie/entertainment room. Prints available: No Crying in Baseball First Encounter

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Progress and a new sketch

Progress and a new sketch. The sketch is of the scene in Predators when Royce stabs a roach/bug and quotes Hemingway. I have also enabled phone cases on my Fine …

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Not every day you make it in your Hometown paper!

A story was done on Lori and I in our hometown paper yesterday, it ‘s about some of our accomplishments and hurdles we faced. I say we because even though …

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Yet another Tomb Raider Contest

With the upcoming release of Tomb Raider Reborn, DeviantArt is hosting a contest with some pretty substantial prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and even for the 25 runner ups. …

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