Commission-Dress Design 1 of 3

Latest commission for Nina’s original character for her Mass Effect fan fiction. This is one of three wardrobe designs I will be doing for this character.  The details of the dress are all from Nina’s vision.

This is a nice project to be working on because the more work I do with anatomy and clothing will only strengthen me in these areas. This is something I’d like to master, I’ve always been fascinated with concept art dealing with the human form. I’m not talking about life drawing and painting naked people but more so for the concept art in games , animation and movies.  I’ve always been impressed with people that can knock out a solid piece of work without looking at anything for reference,  I know they’ve spent time in these areas to become that way and that’s one of my goals I’ve set for myself.  Practice, Practice, Practice…

For those of you that don’t know anything about this character she is missing her ring finger on purpose. It was removed as a form of punishment…ouch. I’m glad we all aren’t punished this way, we’d all have prosthetic limbs.