Commissions – Mass Effect Artwork

Artwork of Asari Spectre Greywalker

I’m still doing a lot of Mass Effect related commissions. This is my latest project for a client’s original character.

The 698-year-old asari Spectre Greywalker has been part of the Spectres for centuries, and although age is finally starting to take its toll on the veteran, she still serves the Council loyally in protecting the Citadel’s allies in 2200 as well as prosecute criminals that attempt to inflict harm on its citizen. Having seen her share of tragedies and battles, such as losing her youngest daughter to an incurable disease or losing close friends in the war against the Reapers, Greywalker assumed her trademark codename to at least protect the few loved ones she has left and protect others from sharing her fate.
You can learn more about Greywalker here:



Mass Effect original character Armineh

Another completed piece for an original character named Armineh by Mass Effect fan fiction author Nina.

The original idea was to design a new dress for Armineh and have her looking out the window but I think it’s safe to say I embellished a bit on the window view. Just a tad…

The concept behind this is sort of a gilded cage idea. Armineh is surrounded by beauty and is in fact beautiful herself but in reality she’s a slave. She gazes across a  beautiful setting but is unable to walk freely in it. I think we all put ourselves in a gilded cage from time to time, a.k.a comfort zone and are happy to accept the limitations to our freedom. It’s good to be free….is it not?


Mass Effect 2 Birthday Gift

Some of you might have seen this one already but I haven’t blogged it til now. This was a fun project because it was a birthday gift for a client’s fiance. She loves playing the game Mass Effect 2 so he came up with an idea of taking her custom characters in the game and having me create a 24×46 painting.

Those of you not familiar with the game  it’s based on a Paragon and Renegade path and each path affects how the game plays. If you take the renegade path and depending on how ruthless you are, your character starts to show physical markings from your actions.  I mean if you’re harsh they’ll end up looking pretty evil. There’s also a dying star that’s a key element in the game and depending on what path you’ve taken the star begins to show it as well, hence the split down the middle of red and blue. Anyway you can play as male or female so the two characters up front are her Commander Shepards with their squad mates she chose 90% of the time.

Daniel put a lot of thought into this gift idea for his love, even to the point of hopping on her computer when she wasn’t there and taking in game screen shots to send to me. He wanted everything perfect for her. Kudos for him for a creative and thoughtful gift idea.