Dream Powered Games

I recently teamed up with a group of talented individuals at Dream Powered Games who are making a first person shooter. I’m helping with creature, weapon and environment design. Here are a couple of designs I’ve started on, these are obviously still a work in progress but I like showing the early stages.  Makes the desire to complete unfinished work stronger when they’re in the viewing public. 🙂

The creature to the left is actually one of the weaker ones, he has a hard time walking hence the weird posture on the far right but he gets around by teleporting. He has glands in his hands that shoot fire which flammable liquid is pumped to them that originate from his chest.

This is one of the desert scenes in the game that have huge alien remains in the background. I put the main character in the lower left as a reference to how big these remains are. This is still pretty rough but I like the start.

Images and Characters copyright Dream Powered Games