Artwork In the Making…

OK so I tend to stay away from what we normally see with a female character in the fantasy realm because for the most part…well…I mean come on let’s face it, they’re usually  1/2 dressed and in a pose that looks like they don’t have fighting in mind. I’ve turned down a lot of raunchy work because I respect my wife but there are companies out there that will express female characters in a light that is beautiful and strong.  These are the companies I like working for. If you really stop and think about the way women are portrayed in a lot of things it’s kind of silly. The male usually is armored to the teeth and the only thing you can see on him are his eyes….but put a woman in the same scene and she’s wearing a leaf ,dental floss and peanut shells. Oh yeah but she’s holding a knife!

This is another concept in the making for a female rogue for an online game.  Due to the size restrictions I’ve been having to really zoom in close to the characters to make the piece effective but on this one I really wanted to express the pose. Wished I could put the whole body shot but I believe it would be too small in the game to even see the details. I like what I have so far, strong, beautiful and obviously alerted to something off screen that tells a story. I tell you, it’s a big step for me to be posting my sketches on here for the public to see but I find it’s helping me better myself. I already see things I need to change but this is cool because it forces me to make a better sketch next time.

Do you ever feel like you work all day and get nothing done? Today was one of those days but then again I worked on 3 projects so I am definitely not complaining. Staying this busy is very rewarding to me, I looked at my clock and couldn’t believe it was already after 5. Beats loading a UPS truck on the graveyard shift anyday! Yeah..been there, done that.

I started to add the color to one of my latest commissions. I’ve had to go back and revise it a bit because I kept creating the scene too bright. I always try and avoid making my work too dark but this particular piece needs to be with highlights in just the right places. The perspective a lone was taking up most of my time…and oh yeah Shepard’s cargo pants! Geez…you ever try and visualize how something would look at an angle you’ve never seen? Yeah needless to say I had to redo them a couple of times. Still have a ways to go but I am pleased with where it’s headed. I tell ya…it would be nice if Lori and I could have a view like that.

Hopefully the work I have been doing related to Mass Effect has peaked your interest in playing, if so let me know!

Till next time….