Freedom Is Being You Without Anyone’s Permission


Sell Art OnlineHey guys, I’m really asking those that see this post really read what I have to say here because it’s a subject that has really struck a nerve with me. I’m asking anyone reading this to help me make a difference.
Last night as I was about to close things down and go to bed, I see one of my own artwork pop-up in my news feed with my name/url erased. The image is one of my most stolen/circulated pieces here on Facebook and Pinterest. I was curious to see what kind of page it was and discovered it is a public speaker who shares inspirational quotes. I won’t say any names because this individual is pretty much clueless as to the source of this problem and was just sharing the quote.


In my frustration I actually responded to the post and tried to bring awareness that this is my work someone has butchered (looks horrible compared to the original) ,erased my info and have been circulating it all over Facebook. I tried to explain that everyone I see that shares this artwork of mine receives a ridiculous number of shares and likes plus fans and my original work barely receives any recognition. The response I get? 1 like on my own comment and the page owner gets close to a 1000 and several hundred shares on the stolen work. This sums it up entirely!
I’ve let this go for a while now because I thought well, what can I do? The damage is done, but it’s getting to the point where it’s popping up in my own freaking news feed from my OWN Facebook friends liking and sharing it.


I’m asking you to please help me break this cycle and get this recognition back to the original source. I work hard at painting and promoting my own work, it’s a full time job! When people share and like my stolen work it’s being passed around to 100,000’s of viewers, that’s 100,000’s of viewers that could have been visiting my page. It’s also a slap in the face when I see it pop up in my own news feed and it’s receiving more traffic than I have ever seen on my own fan page. This is how I make my living, the more people that see my work the higher potential I have in receiving a job or making a sale.


I’m also asking people that share artwork on their own fan page to really consider what I’m saying here. If you’re sharing something and the artist isn’t credited, that is a disservice to them. I can guarantee that artist is working hard to get their name out there and would appreciate one simple gesture of credit. That one simple gesture could be life changing to any artist. If you’re unable to find who created it just simply don’t share it or at least when you do have it with the purpose in tracking down the artist.


I am going to share my artwork with the same quote anywhere I can because I’m tired of seeing this horrible version of my own work being displayed everywhere when the original looks so much better. So please, share and if you see any other version of this that doesn’t have my credit down at the bottom I ask that you speak up. All it takes is a comment to their post to bring awareness and stop it. Most people are nice enough to upload the correct version and bring credit to where it’s due.ascendfree

You can view the original artwork and quote by clicking on the thumbnail to the left. Please feel free to use the sharing buttons up top when viewing the image.

Thanks for reading this far.