Paint Tool Sai

So I am a member of Deviantart and the cool thing about that place is it’s so big the resources are limitless. You can learn a lot from that place by just browsing from artist to artist.  Recently I ran across an artist who had a nice painterly style for digital art, she was also nice enough to share information and what programs she used.  The program is called Paint Tool SAI so I downloaded it to give it a try.  I personally don’t think an artist is limited to their tools but it’s always nice to try new stuff out to enhance even further. The thing I noticed right off is how well it blends, I think it’s a great program to run along side of others like Photoshop.  Actually from what I can tell SAI would be perfect to sketch,line work, fill in the basic tones and values and then use photoshop as a follow up to enhance.  Anyway my goal isn’t to write a review on this program but if you’re looking for an additional tool to run along side your current paint programs it’s worth checking out.  You can try it out here:  Paint Tool SAI

Here’s something I worked on as a test, I started out sketching this in Photoshop but most of the work was done in SAI.

I call this one “Offer One Hand, Arm The Other”. This was a line used in Mass Effect 2 that kind of stuck with me.

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  • Very nice work, I love that style. I’m new to digital art and I was wondering if you could point me to any tutorials that you think would be useful for paint tool sai, or digital art in general. I’ve not had much luck finding very good ones for that particular style.

    Thanks for your time 🙂