Project WarCry

Working on new concepts for the first person shooter game WarCry.

My first weapon assignment was the sniper Scope. I did a paint over on a 3d render for the sniper rifle but the scope I created in ArtRage Pro.I think the scope will be scaled down a bit but I honestly like the large scope on sniper rifles, I mean for a sniper you want something with some serious range.

This is the first creature concept I had to do for a desert alien. He doesn’t walk or run but teleports to where he needs to go…in fact when he walks he looks like he has trouble doing it. He shoots fire from his palms from glands in his forearms, hence the fiery veins.

This guy is the tank class, no special abilities to attack with he just uses pure brute strength. He’s the type of creature that will pick up anything to throw at you, including his buddies standing around him. I put the other creature in his hand to give a size reference.

This is an environment concept for the desert planet. There will be alien remains all throughout the map.  When I created this I was thinking of something similar to a large elephant or bull for the remains. I guess “large” is an understatement…he’s HUGE! 🙂