SWAT T-shirt Design (Work In Progress)

This is a work in progress for a recent commission. It’s going on the back of a T-shirt for a SWAT unit in Harvey County.  This design is to honor a fallen officer and only specific to 20 members so there’s a special meaning behind this. The man with the angelical presence is of course the fallen comrade, he always had a smile on his face even when doing SWAT related things. The guys in front of him are his unit and when I spoke with one of the members regarding this design he was very specific to have it not like the typical SWAT art you see with all the guys aiming with their guns ready for action. This wasn’t to be about what they do and more so about the guys behind the guns. They wanted something to represent their fallen comrade in a way that he’s still looking out for them.

I have a lot of respect for these guys, they’re the ones putting their life on the line for people like us. It’s an honor to do something like this and I hope my art can do the T-shirts justice.

The wings are still a bit rough but I’ve mainly been doing a lot of the work on the guys in front. That’s a lot of detail to draw all the pockets and guns I tell you. 🙂  When I started this piece it didn’t look a thing like this. I actually had in mind of what we normally see SWAT guys doing but after speaking to the customer he was quick to point out that this shirt has a different meaning. I personally like the design shown above as opposed to the rough sketch I did which is here:


  • Amazing work. I’m an artist as well, and I’ve been asked to design some T-shirts, by my brother, who sent me this link. My Brother is a member of the South African police service.

    Firstly, as one artist to another I would like to commend you for an excellent drawing, technical proficiency well executed.

    And secondly, because of my brother being a cop, I’m well aware of the strong sense of comradeship amongst uniformed officers. I think you have depicted that sense of brotherhood extremely well, and the sense of their fallen pal still watching being there for them.

    Awesome Work! Well Done!

  • Hi Michael, thank you I really appreciate that. That is awesome about your latest project. I have no doubt with your talent you will do the design justice, I checked out your site you do wonderful work! I will keep an eye out for the completed design on your blog. 🙂 Thank you again for stopping by and for the kindness, I wish you much success this new year has to offer.