Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Commissioned Artwork

I’ve been asked to do a lot of different artwork in my art career, from down right inappropriate which I respectfully declined, to something amazing that was featured on TV or Cinema. Regardless of what’s being asked it’s always interesting to hear the back story or the reason behind the request. Whether it’s something like memorial of a loved one, to a fictional character in a novel or if it’s artwork based on a common interest of a friend or family, there’s always a passion behind each request I enjoy seeing.

TMNT Professor in a HalfshellIn this particular case it’s a common interest shared between a Father and Son-in-Law. They both have a interest in TMNT and while the first request by the father was made the son-in-law quickly followed suit. The first request was made as an unveiling to the Law school class at University of South Dakota and served as part of a monetary donation to the graduating class. It was fun to witness the unveiling as one of the professors spoke about my art career and had my artwork on the big screen. Before I started on the painting the professor who the painting was intended for didn’t know exactly what he wanted, he just knew he wanted it to be TMNT related. So I thought it would’ve been funny to paint him as a hero in a half-shell, Or in this case….”Professor In A Half-shell”. 🙂 I wanted to add something personal to the piece so I added a law book that he teaches and happens to be one of the experts, if not THE expert on. I took that book and wrapped it around the forearm as a makeshift armor piece. Threw a button on the chest that says “I love Law” for good measure.  🙂

I’m happy to report it was a success for the professor and the entire class. The response to this piece was surprisingly well received, but I’m willing to bet it was because of how awesome Professor Baron is. 🙂 (who the painting was for)

As for the piece for his son-in-law (Myke) who’s a fan of Michelangelo, and who’s also a musician (Hey MC Myke), I ended up using a guitar in one hand and some of the symbols burned into one of the nun-chuck he’s familiar with in his music. I was happy this one was also well received by him, Professor Baron and even Professor Baron’s students. Both paintings were printed on metal and the print quality was pretty impressive. Something about the metal print really adds to the richness in colors and gives it a nice gloss. mcmyke6If there’s a particular piece in my gallery that you’d like to purchase I would suggest going with metal, it’s more affordable without the loss of quality. Plus the metal really does give the artwork a very modern look to it, so some pieces might go well with metal for aesthetic reasons. Here’s to expressing a bond between a father and son-in-law in a medium I’m familiar with!


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