The Wizard’s Tower

Starting another banner piece of a wizard’s tower. I was looking on the internet for wizard towers and noticed for the most part they’re high in the mountains so at the risk of trying something different I thought it would be cool to have a tower separated from the others by water and in between the tower and water is lava.

You ever find yourself getting a little too comfortable in life? Whenever I find myself getting this way I always try and change my perspective or situation. I think being too comfortable in many things in this life is the culprit to the dream killer. Let’s take our jobs for instance, heck I have been in computer support for 13+ years and in that entire time I was always thinking about doing something with my artwork but there was the comfort of stable income that kept me from really pursuing it. I recently quit my job and started to look for full time work and then I realized that I was in the perfect situation to get things going with a career in art. It’s been a month since I’ve quit my job and I have had quite a bit of freelance work come in, it’s just all the more reason to keep moving forward. Was quitting my job the push I needed to go full time art? Possibly, but it does make me wonder if I keep working full time elsewhere then why am I really surprised nothing happens in the art realm?
Don’t misunderstand me, I believe setting goals and making steps towards those goals is wisdom but sometimes I wonder if being too cautious in those steps is the very thing hindering our progress. Any success story we read about most of the successors didn’t have a plan B, they stepped out there with a no turning back spirit. If we plan to go back to our same life before we ventured forward, are we truly serious about reaching that goal? Remember the movie Gattaca with Ethan Hawke? There was a line in that movie that always stuck with me. It’s the part where he was having a swim race with his brother who was supposed to be genetically superior and favored to win but yet Ethan ended up outlasting him. The conversation went like this:

Anton Freeman: Vincent! How are you doing this Vincent? How have you done any of this? We have to go back.
Vincent: It’s too late for that. We’re closer to the other side.
Anton Freeman: What other side? You wanna drown us both?
Vincent: You wanna know how I did it? This is how I did it Anton. I never saved anything for the swim back.

What are we saving for the swim back? Are we truly serious about success if we plan for failure? It does make one ponder doesn’t it?