Yet another Tomb Raider Contest

With the upcoming release of Tomb Raider Reborn, DeviantArt is hosting a contest with some pretty substantial prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and even for the 25 runner ups. With a first prize of $6000, I’d be silly not to try. This is my entry to the contest:

Tomb Raider Rebooted Contest Entry Details of the contest can be found here.

I still have a few days until it’s due so I might go back and enhance it a bit, the only reason I haven’t is because I don’t want to risk the chance of overworking it.  A lot of the entries have focused on just Lara Croft herself but I wanted to do something a little different and add more elements of the game. The winning piece will be sold as prints in the official TR store so I thought it was a good idea to focus on that aspect and create a movie like poster as opposed to just one scene in the game.

From the reviews TR Reborn has been getting it sounds like it’s going to be pretty awesome and sticking with tradition, I’ll be getting it. 🙂














For a crazy good laugh, check out Conan’s review on MaxiumPC of the game, I laughed so hard watching this.