Art is what I do, and what I love. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I believe we all start out as artists, and I have no doubt that at some point, each of us has picked up a pencil or marker to connect with our creative side. I just decided to stick with it and have stayed committed to developing my style which consists of a wide range of realism, abstract and a little bit of both. In short, I paint what I like and choose colors that move me. My subject matter is also wide ranging, consisting of concept, whimsical, wildlife, fantasy and science fiction. I work with acrylic, oils, digital and follow a simple rule: I make my traditional paintings look like digital photos and my digital work like traditional paintings. I believe art is more than just a piece of paper or canvas; it is an extension of the artist himself. For me, my goal is to produce art worthy of being displayed in people’s homes, featured on magazine covers, a catalyst to inspire our youth, and to leave a legacy for my family. Time escapes us all, thus, I choose to spend my time being a loving husband, chasing my dreams and developing my craft.

People always ask me if I have taken art classes, sure I took art class all through middle school and high school. I even went to the Art Institute of Dallas for a little while but I didn’t really start to develop my craft until in my thirties. I keep working at it as much as I can, every day pretty much. I am always moving forward with my art and just like anything else, it’s an ever learning process. I don’t believe anyone has reached perfection …well….in anything.  There is always another level of excellence.

With such a passion for art I try my best to stay grounded, it’s too easy to chase down something and it consume your life. As much as I like art, I like my wife even more. As much as I like seeing someone’s reaction to what I’ve created, I like honoring and respecting people more.  The word tells us what does it profit a man (or woman) to win the world and to lose their soul?  There’s people to invest in on this planet, and 80-90 years goes by quick. So even though I am setting goals to accomplish great things with my art I have a desire to invest in people even more.


“Tools Of The Trade”

Traditional: Acrylics & Oils

Digital: Wacom combined with ArtRage 4, Paint Tool Sai, OpenCanvas, Photoshop & Corel Painter.


Clarkesworld Magazine – Cover Artist
Tobias Buckell / Science Fiction Author – 2d Artist
Clipwire Games – 2d Artist
Dream Powered Games – Concept Artist
GilliGames – 2d Artist
Mage Co. – Game Card Artist
Tommys World Entertainment – Art Director
Wulven Games – Game Card Artist

2016 Cover Art exploring TOSCA magazine. Spring edition.
2015 South Dakota’s Artist of the year. exploring TOSCA magazine.
Cinemax’s “Banshee”
TNT’s drama series Perception. Season 2, Episode 2.
Mitigated Futures
Clarkesworld Magazine – Issue 67