Atom Bomb Cola Series

  • Out of This World Taste
  • Crawl Out Through The Fallout
  • Nuke Your Thirst
  • We Can Nuke It!
  • Send Thirst Flying
  • Metal Print Sample

Vintage Soda & Post Apocalypse!

I started playing Fallout 4 when it was released and really liked the environment and artwork in the game. It had a post apocalyptic, vintage feel to it which I thought was awesome. I liked it so much I started creating artwork with the vintage coca-cola and post apocalypse theme to them. At the time there was a new Bistro & Emporium launching in Yankton, SD called Willa B’s. I helped them setup up a few things for their business and they also had a retro/vintage theme going.
I thought it would be fun to create a series of a fictional soda called Atom Bomb Cola and tie it in with their business. Hence the tag lines “sold at Willa B’s Bistro & Emporium” & “Bottled in Yankton, SD”. It’s funny because people started liking the series and customers would come in, see the metal artwork on the walls and ask for an Atom Bomb Cola. 🙂

Where Can I buy one?!

You can pick up your own copy in a variety of mediums from a framed fine art print, metal, canvas, wood and even plexi glass. I would recommend for the best look to get them on metal though. Each artwork has rust effects painted on them so with a metal print it really adds to the uniqueness.

Atom Bomb Cola Store